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I am a full time professional gunsmith. Since I rely on this business to provide my livelihood, I am committed to performing each procedure, whether it be a simple repair or a complicated custom machining operation, to the complete satisfaction of my customer. I don't mass produce anything. All sights and accessories are fitted exactly.

I feel that a gun must not only fire each time the trigger is pressed, but it must look good, too. I may be a "small time gunshop," but the products that leave my shop are comparable to, if not a level above, "the big boys".

My shop is set up to perform custom and repair work on

  • 1911 style guns, Colt clones, Para Ordnance, Kimber
  • Browning High Power and clones
  • Colt Government .380, Mustang, and the new Pony
  • all types of revolvers, pistols, rifles and shotguns
  • I am a certified armorer for major firearm manufacturers including Glock, Remington, Sig Sauer, and Smith & Wesson.

Please feel free to E-mail me for price quotes on specific projects. Although many labor operations overlap each other, a partial price list is provided.

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